About Favrile

Carry the Past, Create the Future

We are dedicated to providing extreme customer satisfaction. With consistent thoughtful space planning, Favrile Furniture carries team values and technical support to supply the most dependable commercial furnishings. Our many years of experience in the industry have become the most extensive resource for all kinds of furnishing needs. Lately we also cooperate with top architects, artiest and designers to explore more contemporary furniture possibilities.

Expert in Material Selection

We put our main focus on innovation and make new transform better. Favrile Furniture is good at methods of material gathering and knows well converting them into better products. So far the close partnership we have with our clients like McDonald's Taiwan, Starbucks and other chain restaurants, also including hotels, department stores and public projects.

Favrile, the Leading Brand of Commercial Furnishings

To manufacture incomparable and practical furniture, ideally suited for both commercial and residential design is our regular goal. However, we could offer you a large range of business / public furniture and as well customized orders. Please preview our products online first, and you are welcome to view many more designs in our showrooms and discuss your requirements.

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PHONE : +886-4-23281989  E-MAIL : favrile.tw@msa.hinet.net